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I’m always amazed at new technology that is probably no big deal to others…

Have you ever wondered how people get the background of pictures to be blurry without using a fancy camera lens?

My new favorite app discovery is the Big Lens App.

It’s super easy to use.

All you do is upload a picture, use your finger to trace the inside part of the picture you DON’T want blurred and voila! You have that depth of field look that professional photographers get with their fancy cameras! It’s only 99 cents. Can’t beat that with a stick.

Here’s before:

Here’s after:

So super cool that I HAD to share!

My students are super excited to be pen pals with high school students in our district who are learning about early childhood development. We received their letters the other day and you would have thought it was Christmas! 

Here are just a few…

So my students busied themselves writing back, answering their many questions and telling anything and everything they could think of about themselves. 

I attached a picture of each 1st grader too. I just know those high schoolers will love their letters.

Our Classroom Number Line is one of those resources that my students use daily. Our number line stretches from -20 all the way to 200. We use it every day for adding, subtracting, greater than, less than, and for our Number of the Day. Starting on the first day of school, I move the “little red man” each day to the number of the day. Today was day 138! Students use this to complete their Number of the Day packet (one less than 138, one more, 10 more, etc.). Every 20 days, the skills in our Number of the Day Pack get more rigorous. Check it our below!

Number of the Day 
Number Lines and Grids

And to help first graders see how many more days of learning we have until the end of the school year, I have a little orange man on the number of the last day of school. I tell them, “When the little red man meets the little orange man, you are second graders! They love watching the gap close between the two clips!  It’s closing fast…

We started our Earth Day Unit this week with how to take care of our Earth and why. Wow, what amazing conversations we had! As we completed this activity sheet below, we discussed why the action was either good or bad. Lots of turning and talking at tables and then an amazing class discussion!

 Get this activity and so much more in my 77 page I L♥VE The Earth Unit!

We are working so hard these last few weeks to be ready for 2nd grade! Building reading fluency has been a major focus for most of my students. Some of them have other goals like accuracy or retell, but the majority of first graders have fluency goals.

We spend 80% of our reading block in text by the end of the year in 1st grade. A lot of that time is with partner reading. They love to use our little minute timers to time their partners as they read and re-read passages to build that fluency! You can get 1 minute sand timers HERE.

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