Five for Friday April 22, 2016

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Bear with me…

I have 2 boys in college. (So we’re basically broke…) Bryce on the left is the oldest and he is a senior and just about done. He’s going to the university here in town, so at least I get to see him!

Tyler is a sophomore at a university 2,000 miles away in NYC. I miss him so much it hurts. Can anyone else relate to this?? 

♥♥ Only one more month and I’ll have BOTH of my boys home! ♥♥

A little morning Tabata over the P.A. to get those juices flowing for learning! One of their favorite times of the day!

For years, our district didn’t have a formal writing curriculum in place. Teachers of course did an amazing job with the bits and pieces we had, but overall, writing in our district suffered. Since our school is a Title I school, we really needed a structured program.

Last year, our district fully adopted Every Child A Writer and I am a HUGE fan. So I had to share.

Every child gets 15 minutes of small group writing instruction based on their writing level each and every day. After their small group instruction, they go to their seats and write independently, with no help from me or other students. I rotate through 4 small writing groups during an hour to an hour and 15 minutes daily. When they are not with small group or working on their independent writing, they are following a MUST DO list on the board.

I am very proud of their progress from my struggling writers to my more advanced writers. They are all working at their own levels and succeeding! 

Here is an example of independent writing from one of my struggling 1st grade writers. His group is working on writing an opinion piece. A big part of the program is the planning stage (on the top of the page). He has come so far with his writing!

Here is an example of independent writing from one of my more advanced 1st grade writers. His group is working on factual writing. He chose to write about termites when told to describe an insect. They need to select an insect (or whatever the topic is for the day) that they know facts about.

I think the program is wonderful! I would love to hear what you think! Check the website out below:

ECAW  Every Child A Writer

 Just like you I’m sure, our first graders are less than a week away from the dreaded End of the Year DIBELS Reading Testing!  Yikes! 

So we have been busy revising and setting individual goals for reading (whole words read, fluency, accuracy, retell) They have been working on ever changing individual reading goals throughout the year, but this is their final individual goal for the year based on their reading progress so far. As they are called out to be tested, I have them grab their goal on the sticky note and share with the tester, for just one last goal reminder.

We wish them all luck!

We have been studying endangered animals with our I L♥VE the Earth Unit. 

I passed out 30 (3″ x 4″) endangered animal trading cards and had the students read, share, trade and learn as much as they can about the animals. 

Next they will select an endangered animal trading card to help them write a report. The report planner below is super helpful for organizing their ideas before they write. I’m excited to see how their reports turn out! I’ll share next week 🙂

Let me know what your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you!

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