Five for Friday August 13, 2016

 Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching for once again letting me join in on the fun!

 Ok. I’m a day late.

I believe this might be a thing for me in the next few weeks.

Is anyone else having troubles keeping up with everything?


But I’m excited…

This will be an amazing year, with my incredible team!

 Thankfully I’ve had some incredible support getting my room ready.

My sister, Judy offered to help me get my room spiffed up and I told her,


Now, that’s not all my print. She’s actually counting out our summer printing for our team.

Yes, she worked a loooooong time.

Then she helped with the welcome back bulletin board!

It’s not quite finished yet.

The plan is to take pictures of the student’s and place their heads in the shirts. I will also put arms through the sleeves and students will hold onto their work all year long!

I’ll change the border with the seasons and

maybe at Christmas I’ll put Santa hats on their heads…

Anyway, I’ll show you the board as it progresses.

 ♥ Oh, I love my sister! ♥

I can’t wait to attach their heads! It will be too cute!

If you are interested in creating a similar bulletin board, here’s what I used:

Hawaiian Shirt Clip Art FREEBIE! Can you believe these cute shirts are free?

They are made by Treasure Coast Strings, a new TpT store, and I’m a new follower!!

If you download, I’m sure the seller would love great feedback!

Do you need the cute Aloha name tags?

I have a FREE editable PowerPoint version for download


Just type in your students’ names!

The free labels look like this:

The letters I created using EduClips Build A Bunting Clip Art Bundle

Better yet…

Get a whole set of bunting letters from my store for 50% off for the first 48 hours

(font and colors a little different)


Bulletin Board Bunting Letters {5 Different Colors}

You get:

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black and White as well as

Upper and Lower case letters and

You can make them any size you want in your printer settings.

 My Alphabet Wall Cards are hanging for student reading and writing reference.

If your district uses D’Nealian handwriting, you may like Alphabet Wall Cards {D’Nealian}

And one of my favorite student resources is our Dictionary for 1st Grade!

During reading, they look for and circle their new sight words.

During writing, they look for correct spellings!

This is literally used every day by my students and they love having their own resource tucked away in their chair pockets.

There are other versions as well:

Dictionary for Kindergarten

Dictionary for 2nd Grade- Houghton Mifflin

Dictionary for K-2 – Dolch

Dictionary for 1st-6th Fry Words

Have a WONDERFUL school year!

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