Five for Friday June 17, 2016

Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching for another great Five for Friday!

 There are sooooooo many wonderful bloggers out there who have great ideas!

If you have a Teachers Pay Teachers store, you might want to consider following Misty Miller on her blog Just a Thought or Two

She has great advice from using Pinterest, to writing better product descriptions now that TpT has a new search algorithm. She explains how to use HTML coding and how to write a Terms of Use page. I used her TOU as a model for mine! What a time-saver! (See it HERE.)

I visit her blog regularly and have learned so much from her wisdom! 

Thanks, Misty!

One thing our 1st graders use daily are their Privacy Folders. They just grab them out of their chair pockets and set them up whenever they need a little quiet work time. 

One side has literacy resources (handwriting, sounds, sight words for the year).

 And the other side has math resources (100’s grid, coins, clock, 10 frames to write on and wipe off) and a United States map.

Get your privacy folders for next year HERE!

This is totally random, but I had to share my new discovery with you.

I had a wedding to get ready for last weekend and was looking at my pasty, spotty, white legs. Yuck.  Getting more sun on my legs just makes them spottier.

So I tried this leg make-up and

Oh my gosh!

I’ll just say that was proud of my legs! It evened out the spottiness and gave me a healthy, tanned look.

And it didn’t come off even in 93 degree weather until I washed it off later.

It’s not something I will wear daily, but for special occasions, definitely!

This Star of the Week Pack has everything you need to start the year off celebrating your students. 

Read more about how I use the Star of the Week in my classroom in this blog post: Star of the Week

 Have your Star of the Week color the cover for his/her book and each student uses the pages below to write about why their friend is a star!

What a treasure for each Star Student to keep at the end of their special week!

Check out my post on 7 Ways to Squeeze MORE Into Your Literacy Block.

I shared ideas for using your literacy block time wisely so you can squeeze in as much literacy instruction as possible!

Have a MARVELOUS weekend! 

Let me know what your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

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