Five for Friday May 20, 2016

 Thanks, Doodle Bugs Teaching for another great Five for Friday!

 We are winding down the year and I’m cleaning out my file cabinets and my boxes of leftover activity sheets. One of first graders’ favorite things is to have a summer packet made to order!

I just set out piles of left over papers from the year and years past and let them take what they wanted.

 They took it all! Then I clipped their summer packets together and they made a cover. 

I was able to clean out tons of papers and hopefully they will practice some skills over the summer!

A win-win!

 My first graders love Ready Freddy books and they will LOVE their end of the year gift! All I have to do is write a message to each student inside each book.♥

Field Day was today, and what a great day it was! Beautiful weather and great kids who were cheering for each other. Made my heart proud!

If you want a few “awww’s” or laughs, have your students write about what they think you should do this summer. They have some great ideas! 

Like a cruise!

20,031 kittens would be a lot… And me, hunting? Maybe not. LOL

 I just smiled with this one. 🙂

 And this one’s my favorite!

I love these ladies! Every May, our book club meets just to plan our book lists for the following year. Many of our members are retired teachers, whom I adore and miss, so I look forward to seeing them every month! Here are just a few of our members. ♥

Let me know what your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

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