Five For Friday October 28, 2016

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 I am sooooooo excited to tell you about our students’ ABSOLUTE FAVORITE 

Fall Activity: A Craftivity Puppet Book A Pilgrim Went Looking For a Turkey

My first graders love to use their Pilgrim Puppets to read the cute story over and over again!

Check out this short video to see the Puppet Book in action:

If video does not respond, click HERE.

 My niece Jenna is a firefighter in Fort Collins, CO. 

She came to our class last week to talk about fire safety with our 1st graders.

But before she came, we spent the week talking about fire safety and reading a book I made about her:

Firefighter Jenna Keeps Us Safe

I read the color copy to the students and then they each got their own fill in the blank copy to color and fill in key words. 

Oh my goodness. 

My students were so excited to meet THE Firefighter Jenna in person!

Another firefighter, Firefighter Laura came too! She put on all the gear they wear during a fire and they discussed important fire safety tips.

Get your copy of Firefighter Jenna Keeps Us Safe and other Fire Safety Activities


♥♥ I love guided reading!♥♥

I didn’t always love it though.

After years of collaboration with my team, studying and reading about guided reading, I have a much better system that really works for me. 

It’s still not perfect, but it works.

Check out my blog about

6 Guided Reading Tips That Work!

 We use our white boards daily for different activities. Each student has one in their chair pocket so it’s quick to grab.

As you can see from the picture below, our boards are getting the “used lots” look.

But that’s good.

It keeps them engaged because they love their white boards.

Last week we practiced sequencing.

I read The Little Scarecrow Boy and students paired up and recorded key parts of the Beginning, 2 parts of the Middle, and the End.

Then they took turns standing and summarizing the story using their boards as a guide.

Quick and easy activity and everyone was engaged!


We just finished our Parent Teacher Conferences and all went well.

I gave each parent/student a math resource to take home and use as a resource when completing homework.

It’s 2-sided and inserted into a sleeve. I also inserted an Expo marker for them to use.

It was a hit! 

Especially after I explained to parents how to use it.

I’ve already heard back from a couple parents thanking me for the resource.

There is also a boy/girl set:

Grab them all HERE for FREE!!

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