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Every January, the first day back from holiday break, I teach our beloved Dr. King song. 

21 years ago, my son, Tyler as a first grader, came home from school singin’ away. After several repetitions of the catchy tune, I asked him about it. He told me they were “learning about a famous man who helped change bad laws to make things fair for everyone.” He got it. The next day I taught my first graders the song and we’ve been singing it since.

We sing it while lining up for lunch, recess, and specials. We sing it on our way to the carpet. We sing it as we clean up. I think you get the idea. We sing it so much, my first graders spontaneously break out in song at random times during the day! L♥VE!

And it’s so easy to learn, they learn it in minutes. If they know Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, they can learn this song in a jiffy.

They love it. They love it even more once they understand the meaning behind the words. Just like Tyler. If taught well, your students will also understand Dr. King’s message of peace, love and equality for all.

This song is included in my best-selling Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Activity Pack. 

Students make, color and read an informative book about Dr. King’s life and heroic achievements. They love making the Dr. King puppet and then they practice reading the book and singing their new song with the puppet. 

So much more is included to enrich your students’ learning experience with posters, activity sheets, writing activities as well as the song and puppet.

Get the whole unit HERE.

Get the FREE song HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy! ♥

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