targeted reading center activities with no wheel turning, no commotion, no stopping everyone from completing their activities, all while you have a lot more time for uninterrupted guided reading instruction! Imagine Must-Do May-Do, an alternative to rotating reading centers.

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Here are 3 products from our store that will guide you in planning engaging, targeted lessons all year long.

Social Studies Curriculum and Units Bundle

Science Curriculum and Units Bundle

Targeted Guided Reading Groups Planning Template

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My name is Joyce, but better known as Mrs. Oberg by my many delightful students over the years.

Throughout my teaching career, I focused on the very best teaching practices. I kept it simple, omitted time- wasting “fluff,” and used meaningful lessons that targeted students’ needs. If those practices resonate with you, then you are in the right place!

A few years back, my husband, Steve joined me in creating meaningful, targeted resources. He is a retired principal who shares my belief in targeted instruction (and I had no idea how creative he was!) With Steve’s help, our tried and true product listings have grown to over 650, and my blog posts highlight the suggested use of these resources from a targeted approach.