15 Great Ways to Genuinely Win Over Parents This Year!

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15 Great Ways to Genuinely Win Over Parents This Year! 1

Parents are your allies and building a positive relationship can be a vital part of your student’s success in school. So make it a must to win parents over this school year!

15 Great Ways to Genuinely Win Over Parents This Year! 2

Once you communicate to parents that:

  • You care about their child.
  • You are approachable.
  • You are knowledgeable
  • You know their child’s needs, and you’re ON it.
  • You will do whatever it takes to help their child succeed.
  • You will keep them informed of the good and the bad on a regular basis in a concerned, but caring manner.

…they are more likely to be your ally and more likely to work with you and communicate with you to help their child succeed.

Here are 15 great ways to win parents over this year:

15 Great Ways to Genuinely Win Over Parents This Year! 3
  1. Send handwritten Welcome to School postcards at the beginning of the year and invite parents to open house.
  2. Greet parents and students warmly each morning.
  3. Smile.
  4. Walk your students outside at the end of each day and chat with parents when appropriate. Let them know you are approachable.
  5. Keep them informed with weekly emails, newsletters, notes, etc.
  6. Be consistent with when important papers go home so parents know when to look for them.
  7. Write personal notes to parents regularly and keep track of what you send home in a file. When you realize you haven’t touched base in a while, you can reach out.
  8. Notice in your records when you have mostly reached out for negative behavior. Reach out more often to praise students.
  9. Send a quick when students do their best, reach a goal, or shine in some way. Parents often post these on the refrigerator!
  10. Stay calm. Yelling accomplishes nothing positive.
  11. Start conversations regarding negative behavior calmly with: “I need your help with something…” or “I thought you should know that Jayleen had a rough day today…”
  12. When a behavioral situation arises, contact parents promptly and be the first to speak about the situation.
  13. Treat behavior modification like you would an academic need. Teach, model, praise, and repeat. Keep parents informed and involved with your behavior plans.
  14. Be a good listener.
  15. Teach and care for your students the way you would want your own children taught and cared for.

Back to school is here, so make it the best with these 5 easy tips!

What are some of your favorite ways to promote positive interactions with your students’ parents? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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