How to Explicitly Teach Behaviors & Expectations


So school is right around the corner. We are ready for those little bodies to walk through the door and start a great year! We are busy putting up bulletin boards, arranging tables, desks, and chairs. We are gathering supplies and materials for the new curriculum our district has adopted. Engaging lesson plans for all subjects are ready to go, but what about your behavior expectations?

A school year should never begin without asking this important question:

What are my behavior expectations of students?

If a teacher doesn’t have a solid understanding of what kind of behaviors they expect in their classroom, students won’t either.

Ask and answer the following questions:

  • What are the restroom procedures? When are students allowed to use the restroom?
  • What are the pencil sharpening procedures?
  • How would you like students to transition to the carpet?
  • What does entering the classroom in the morning look like?
  • Exiting at the end of the day?
  • What does lining up look like?
  • When they leave the room, what should their table/desk look like?
  • When can students talk?
  • How loudly?
  • How should students sit on the carpet?
  • How should they sit at the guided reading table?
  • How should they sit in their seats at their desks/tables?
  • What can/can’t they do at recess?
  • How should they walk in the hall?
  • What are the expectations in the cafeteria?
  • What are the procedures for centers?

I think you get the idea.

First, KNOW what you want and expect from your students. And then TELL them. We should never assume our students know our behavior expectations. You need to explain, show, model, and praise the behaviors you expect.

Then repeat. Often.

So I created these Class Rules Posters and Student Activity Sheets to help! The behavior posters are used to explicitly teach your expectations for each part of the day. Then post them in your classroom for reference throughout the year! Of course, some procedures and expectations may be your very own and not included in these posters. That’s why they are editable!

Feel free to change them to suit your class needs.

Keep in mind that you are limited to whatever fonts your computer has and they may not be the same as the fonts I used.Take a closer look at these posters below:

Also included are activity sheets (also editable) that match the expectation posters. Reinforce those behaviors you are teaching! 

Please let me know if there is a poster you think I should add! I am always looking for ways to add/improve, so questions and comments are welcome.

Grab these Class Rules Posters and Student Activity Sheets HERE! and find another great product that includes these posters: Behavior Management Supplement Packet for Clip Chart

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