Five for Friday June 3, 2016

 Thanks, Doodle Bugs Teaching for another great Five for Friday Linky Party!

 They came! 

One of my favorite things is to order and get my new books from our new book club list (we all meet for book club every May to determine the new list for the following school year). 

I love reading over the summer. Especially anything that is NOT school related!

Here are a few of them.

 So the rest are on my Nook.

Here’s the list in case you are curious…

We wanted to add a couple classics to the list this time. I haven’t read Lord of the Flies since I was in high school. I remember being very disturbed by it…

Have you read any of these?

 I’ve never been very good at time management. Especially in the summer. Working from home is waaaaaay too distracting for me. And I’m trying to work on my Teachers Pay Teachers business full time.  

So it kinda looks like this:

I’m creating a product for Teachers Pay Teachers, then I’m putting a load of laundry in, then I get a phone call, then I realize I need to plan dinner, then I get back on the computer and see a notification from Facebook…

You see my problem?

It’s kind of like “If You Give a Teacher a Job, at Home, During Summer Break.”

So I came up with a 


And by golly, I’m going to stick to it!

I know. It’s very detailed, but I know me. If I’m not specific, I may get off task.

So far it’s working. And yes, I do allow myself to extend or change some blocks of time because of course, things come up.

So if you are interested in making your own, feel free to use my template HERE. When you open it, it will open in a Google doc. Download it and it will be in Excel.

 One best selling product I am regularly updating and adding to is my 

Behavior Management Pack.

Included are products that I have created and used in my own classroom over the years. 

I know they work.

Like the Happy Go Home Note.

 We print it on pink paper because we give them out when students get on “Pink” on the clip chart.

We also print them on pads of paper for convenience. The students and parents LOVE getting these!

I’m not sure students always need a trip to the treasure box. Sometimes a special note home is even better!

This Voice Levels poster is a great way to illustrate your volume expectations.

Also included is a newly designed clip chart.

There are 60 pages included in all in the pack.


See all that is included in the Behavior Management Pack HERE so next year is the best year ever!

 I love to make yummy dinner dishes like lasagne in the summer because I have more time to do it.

But I hate using the oven and getting the kitchen any hotter than it already is.

So I use my crock pot as much as possible.

My friend, Candi gave me this lasagne recipe years ago from Weight Watchers and it is delicious! My family loves it too.

As you can see, I had to take a taste, just to be sure it was ready.

Oh, and I add Italian sausage along with the ground beef and use more cheese than they say, so it’s not exactly a WW recipe when I make it LOL.

You can get the recipe HERE.

Have a MARVELOUS weekend! 

Let me know what your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

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