Five for Friday May 6, 2016

Thanks again, Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday!

FREEBIE download of Reader of the Week form. Scroll down to see!

I hope you had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week!

In all my 30 years of teaching, I have never had such a shower of gifts for the week. It has been so touching!  Yes, that’s wine on the left. Someone knows me well.

We had a fabulous field trip this week to the IMAX theater to see

A Beautiful Planet!

I was a bit worried it would be over the heads of my 1st graders, but they were riveted. Since it is only about 50 minutes long, it was perfect for them. My students were able to share so much information about space, astronauts and the earth when we came back.  They wrote 4-5 paragraph reports about the Earth.

For some of them, the bus ride was the best part! 

We have been busy making our Mother’s Day cards. 

These writing papers are part of my Spring Writing Pack as well as my Spring FUN Pack!

I just know their moms will love these adorable cards!

These are their covers of their cards:

 Inside they included a letter to Mom:

They also included a Mother’s Day Poem inside the card:

Today we started working on our Memory Books! There are so many great memories to recapture! As we fill out each page, we have a great time recounting the events of the year. 

End of the School Year Memory Book

 Pages can be in any order, but this is the first page. I took their pictures earlier this week and they were so excited to glue them into their books. Including REAL pictures makes the book that more special to them!

I also had a picture taken of me with each student and a whole class picture. Those go on pages we will complete next week! I have learned that in order to have this book look special, we take our time completing each page. So we do a couple pages each day. The pack includes 49 pages to choose from, but I pick and choose each year and include the ones that suit our needs best for the year. 

So much fun!

We are winding down our Reader of the Week and squeezing in 2-3 Readers a week so we get them all in! 

All week, the Reader of the Week practices a favorite book at their level so they are ready to read to the class on Friday. They also are my “helper” for the week and they lead the line, lead calendar, lead the poem, etc. 

Here is the form I send home on the Friday before so they have time to practice: 

Free download HERE

Have a wonderful weekend!

Let me know what your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you!

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