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Here are some great tips and tricks for classroom management!

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Welcome Back to School Everyone!

Ok. I know we’ve been back a while. In fact, I am finishing my 6th week of school already!  Oh, my goodness. It has taken every ounce of energy from me too! I forget every year how hard it is to get my new little 1st grade friends into a new routine and to know our 1st-grade procedures.

We’re getting there…

We have ONE rule right now up on the board:

Move Silently.

We have other rules too, of course, but this is our main focus. We refer to our rule many times throughout the day. Whether they are lining up, moving to the carpet, getting their math books out…

What is our rule?  Move Silently!  Well, they’re starting to get it. They are earning a letter every time they can move silently without prompting. So far they have:  MOVE SILEN_ _ _   When they have all the letters, they will get a movie and snack.  Then on to our next goal:  Look At The Speaker. Whew.  But they ARE a wonderful, promising bunch, and I know we will get there!

Speaking of rules…

I created an (Editable) Class Rules Posters and Student Activity Sheets Pack.  The posters and activity sheets are editable! The activity sheets are identical to the posters, except they are black and white and have blanks for students to fill in once they learn each rule. I have learned over the years that I should never assume my students know my expectations. I have also learned:

I need to explain, show, model, and praise the behaviors I expect.  

Then I repeat the above. 


So I use the posters below to explicitly teach my expectations. Then we review with the corresponding activity sheets. Then I post them for the rest of the year to refer to.

See my recent blog about Explicitly Teaching Expected Behaviors.

for more information and more examples of the product.

I try to be a positive teacher and to manage my classroom in a positive way. I LOVE using the Happy Go Home Note just for this purpose! My Happy Go Home Note has only ever been available through my best selling product,  Behavior Management Supplement Packet for Clip Chart, but now it is available as an individual product. See the Happy Go Home Note HERE. I like to print it on pink notepads and send them home when students reach the highest color on our clip chart, pink!  Parents LOVE to get these happy little notes, and what a positive way to keep them informed of their child’s good choices in school!

Happy Go Home Note


Here is a little secret I’ll let you in on.

I’m telling you, it’s a game changer for your guided reading groups.

A few years back, I discovered a way to get my little learners to do their best (most of the time) during guided reading. As you may know, it is a challenge to get them to sit up tall, look at the teacher or the charts you are pointing to, use their reading finger, etc. 

So, I give them a tally mark whenever they are displaying great reader behavior.


** Sitting up tall like a reader, using a reading finger, being on the right page, getting to the kidney table promptly, and so on.

If they reach 5 tallies by the end of their group time, they get to move their clip up!  Easy peasy and works like a charm! It’s amazing how hard they will work for those tallies! And in doing so, they are learning soooo much more!

I completely cover 3 apple notepad papers and 3 pumpkin notepad papers with packing tape. I try to change them seasonally. (Object appears bigger in the picture because of the angle. The notepad paper is really not that large.) I place them alternately around the table (apple, pumpkin, apple…) and use those to make tallies.

I also use the apples and pumpkins to call on students to read.

“Apples read.”

“Pumpkins read.”

Overall, it really has worked great for getting my little readers to do their best!

You’re welcome. 🙂

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Have a spectacular weekend!

We ALL deserve it!

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