Easily Improve Reading Fluency At The End of The Year

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Easily Improve Reading Fluency At The End of The Year 1

There are only a few weeks left in the school year to prepare our 1st graders for the rigors of 2nd grade. One thing we can focus on is helping struggling students improve their reading fluency skills! How can we best spend those precious weeks?

First and Foremost, improve reading fluency by targeting your instruction to their specific needs.

Many 1st graders are already there with their fluency and are working on improving comprehension skills. But there are a few students who still need support with fluency and accuracy. And repeated passage reading with a focus on word attack, phrase reading, and multiple-timed readings can help!

Easily Improve Reading Fluency At The End of The Year 5

Try passages to support those struggling readers in improving their fluency!

Not only are these effective fluency building activities, but the second you give a first grader a highlighter you’ll have an engaged learner. It really doesn’t take much! 

We practice the reading in small group several times, highlight most of the targeted words, and then send it home for more repeated practice. Students find even more targeted words at home (whatever the vowel sound is for that passage). Keep working on these passages daily and see how quickly your student’s fluency skills improve over the month!

Check out this quick video to see all the passages in the Bundle:

Fluency Bundle

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