A Simple Trick with Phrases to Improve Reading Fluency

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A Simple Trick with Phrases to Improve Reading Fluency 1

May is the month when we make a mad rush to help those students who still need to improve their reading fluency before the end of the year.

We read, reread, do repeated timings, work on word attack, improve our expression, partner read, and so much more. But the best and easiest strategy I have found with readers who are reluctant to read fluently is to identify and underline phrases!

Some new readers get into a habit of reading. like. this. and. stop. after. every. word.

A Simple Trick with Phrases to Improve Reading Fluency 2

They don’t see the phrases or the easy words that they can read easily. We need to make them anticipate and see those phrases readily!

So I gather them together and project a passage onto the whiteboard. They all have their own passages in front of them. We read it together and then go through it underlining phrases. I model and model some more. I model some more by reading those phrases we have underlined.

Have them read, and reread it again. Then they can take it home and read it to an adult.

This strategy to improve reading fluency isn’t brain surgery for sure, but definitely an easy way to get those students who stop in front of every word to read more fluently.

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