Fun Spring Activities: Directed Drawing & Writing


Directed Drawing is great for reinforcing spatial relations, fine motor skills, following directions, and is super fun! Use these spring activities during March, April, May and Easter or Spring holidays.



Engage in the perfect springtime activity with our Directed Drawing plus Writing for Easy Spring Activities. This product combines the joy of drawing with the practice of writing, making it both fun and educational. Designed to enhance fine motor skills, spatial relations, following directions, and encourage creativity, these directed drawing activities provide an excellent opportunity for children to express themselves artistically while also developing their writing abilities.

Use these spring activities during March, April, May and Easter or Spring holidays. These drawing and writing activities can be used whole group with teacher guidance and modeling first. Once students are more familiar with the activity, they can be allowed to complete them independently during center time, morning work, inside recess, or anytime!

With our Directed Drawing plus Writing for Easy Spring Activities, children will enjoy following step-by-step instructions to create delightful spring-themed drawings. From colorful flowers to adorable bunnies, these activities capture the essence of the season and allow children to celebrate spring holidays in a creative way.

Not only do these directed drawing activities spark imagination and artistic expression, but they also provide valuable writing practice. After completing their drawings, children can engage in writing exercises that relate to their artwork. This combination of drawing and writing helps reinforce the connection between visual representation and written expression, enabling children to develop important cognitive and language skills.

Whether used in the classroom or at home, our Directed Drawing plus Writing for Easy Spring Activities will captivate children and provide them with a fun and engaging way to celebrate the season. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to enhance fine motor skills, foster creativity, and promote writing proficiency. Get your hands on this fantastic product today and watch your child’s artistic and writing abilities blossom!

Spring Directed Drawings included: butterfly, duckling, rainbow, rain cloud, lamb, kite, ladybug, flower, robin, and snail

Included in this Directed Drawing Pack:

  • complete instructions and suggested uses
  • 9 different Spring drawing activities
  • directions to display in PowerPoint
  • all-in-one directed drawing sheets with 5-step drawing directions on top
  • ready-to-display drawing sheets to use with teacher direction or center direction cards
  • drawing sheets with a starter sketch to help young artists initiate their drawings
  • writing paper and title page to attach drawings to creative writing pieces

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