3 Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School + FREEBIE

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Celebrating the 100th day of school for both teachers and students is a big deal!

We celebrate 100 days of…

  • success with writing
  • reading improvement
  • making friends
  • counting
  • losing teeth
  • having fun while learning
  • birthdays
  • sharing ideas
  • learning math concepts
  • getting along
  • sight word automaticity
  • and so much more!

Count the days of school on a number line.

A couple of weeks before the 100th day, you may want to announce to the class that the big day is approaching. Young learners tend to be very visual, so put a star on the class number line to show where 100 is. A clip or clothespin is perfect for marking the current day and then move the clip every day. Students get so excited when they see how close they are to the 100th day!

Count the number of school days on your Classroom Number Line, and mark the 100th Day with a star!

Send home a 100th day of school project assignment.

Then send home a 100th day project assignment that is to be brought in on the 100th day of school. We have made an editable in PowerPoint parent letter for you that you can download at the bottom of this post!

Sample Editable in PowerPoint Parent Letter (download at bottom of post)

Here are some very creative project examples our students made over the years:

Counting pizza toppings by 10!
Counting apple buttons by tens on tree branches!
Counting bunches of balloons by 10!
100 balloons!
100 laces on a baseball by 2’s!

On the 100th day of school, students can take turns presenting their projects before posting them in the hall for all to see.

Do 100’s day classroom rotations!

Students love going room to room within your team level doing different 100th day activities with each teacher! (Teachers love it too because you only have one activity to plan for!)

Each teacher simply plans a fun activity that reinforces the concept of 100. (Or just provide various activities throughout the day in your own room.)

ALL of the activities below and MORE are included in our 100 Days Smarter Activity Pack!

Make adorable 100 Days Smarter crowns.
Have partners write-on and wipe-off hundreds grid puzzle parts.
Have partners write-on and wipe-off hundreds grid puzzle parts.
Have partners write-on and wipe-off missing numbers in a hundreds grid.
Have students practice counting by 10’s to 100 with this puzzle! A black and white version is included for students to color first, then cut out, then put together.
Have students work on the floor or in a pocket chart to put 100 numbers in order as they would find them on a 100 grid.
Play Race to 100!
Practice counting by 10’s with ice cream scoops.
Make and fill out a 100 Days Smarter book with pages of fun activities.

Get ALL of the above activities and MORE in this 100 Days Smarter Activity Pack!

Grab your FREE editable 10th Day of School Project Parent Letter here:

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