FREE Holiday Fingerprint Activity as a Memorable Gift

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This fingerprint activity turned out more adorable than I thought it would!

This Holiday Fingerprint Activity is going to make the perfect holiday gift and I’m so excited to share these with parents! All you need are some washable tempera paints in any color (I chose green and red) and some markers. Grab the “Joy” image at the end of this post!

Start students off by coloring the stars with markers or crayons and then write their names on the line. Then, dip their little fingers lightly in the paint and make a fingerprint on the ends of the light knobs to make the Christmas lights colorful! Now the Holiday Fingerprint activity is all done and adorable!

See how cute these turned out and grab yours below:

See what teachers like you are saying about this Holiday fingerprint activity:

Part of our parent Christmas gift. My students loved using their finger to make the lights. Thank you!

Lillie Bullard (TPT Seller)

Students and parents all loved how these turned out! We will definitely make these again next Christmas! Thank you!

S Stevens (TPT Seller)

We framed our projects to make the perfect holiday gift for parents!

Grab your FREE Holiday activity down below:

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