Everything you Need for Easy Holiday Classroom Rotations

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Everything you Need for Easy Holiday Classroom Rotations 1

The holiday season is magical for all of us but for our students? OH MY GOODNESS.

Most of our little Christmas cherubs are so consumed with holiday fever, they can’t sit still for more than a minute. Especially that last week before break. So…the last day or two before break our team just gives in, and we plan some fun activities and start these holiday classroom rotations!

The holiday fever has spread like wildfire throughout the building! Teachers are wearing their best holiday sweaters, reindeer antlers, and sparkling baubles. We are busy decorating our doors for the holiday contest, planning our Secret Santa strategies, and tiptoeing through the halls delivering our gifts. Oh, and don’t forget about the holiday treats in the lounge.

We are just as excited as our students, and

Everything you Need for Easy Holiday Classroom Rotations 2

These rotations are easy peasy to plan and implement, and OHHHH so much fun! First, we make a schedule for when the students rotate through the classrooms like the image below. 

Everything you Need for Easy Holiday Classroom Rotations 3

Download an editable version in PowerPoint HERE to make your own! (Be sure to download to your computer and open in PowerPoint, not in Google slides for the easiest use.) There are 4 versions to choose from and one is a generic rotations schedule to use for other holidays or seasons.

Then we start planning what activity we each want to lead for our rotation. We make sure we choose something we enjoy and something simple since we will be leading that activity 4 times. Then we decide how long we need for each rotation and modify the scheduled times.

After our 30-minute (or more) activity, we clean up, line them up, shoo them out the door with their holiday project in hand and welcome another class into the room. The new group is so excited about whatever activity we have planned that they are literally sitting up straight with big eyes and smiles in anticipation. LOVE! ♥

Here are our favorite holiday activities we use during our rotations:

FREE Holiday Dice Game

Fingerprint Painting FREEBIE

Get all of the above (Silly Holiday Sentences excluded) and so much more in this HUGE 168-page Holiday BUNDLE with all our favorite holiday crafts, activities, and games HERE!

Have fun with your classroom rotations & Happy Holidays


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