The Most Adorable Pocket Puppets + Easy Book Assembly

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The Most Adorable Pocket Puppets + Easy Book Assembly 1
The Most Adorable Pocket Puppets + Easy Book Assembly 2

Our 1st graders can’t get enough of these adorable, engaging Pocket Puppet Books.  They love coloring, cutting, gluing, and then reading their books over and over using the puppet to tell the story!

The Puppet stays in the library pocket on the back of the front cover until it’s time to read.

If these pockets are unavailable, a paper clip could be used. But trust me. There’s something about putting the little puppet in the pocket that the kids just get a kick out of!

When you’re ready to read, take your puppet out of their safe pocket and use the puppets to help tell their cute stories while teaching students about positional/directional words (above, over, under, behind, etc) and following directions.

The Most Adorable Pocket Puppets + Easy Book Assembly 3

Watch the videos below to see each puppet in action!

Click on each video caption for individual puppets or grab all puppets HERE!

Back to School Little Brown Squirrel

Little Brown Squirrel TPT Review:

The kids had fun and I had fun showing them a creature which most had never seen.

Christina L.
Frankie Goes Trick or Treating

Frankie Book TPT Review:

This was an amazing story for my class and their individual learning goals as well as a great connector to our big questions and thematic explorations.

Educated in Early Childhood (TPT Seller)
A Pilgrim Went Looking For a Turkey

Pilgrim Book TPT Review:

This was such a great activity! The kids loved putting it together and loved the finished book even more! I will definitely be doing this one again!

Emma C.
Sant Claus Delivered a Present

Santa Book TPT Review:

These are the cutest thing ever!!! My students couldn’t wait to take them home to read to their families.

Misty A.
Phyllis Sees Her Shadow

Groundhog Book TPT Review:

My students loved the puppet that went along with the story!

Amanda M.
Paddy’s Pot of Gold

St.Patrick’s Day Book TPT Review:

My students really enjoyed completing this book. They love being able to move the character and it is a great buddy activity.

Cary G.
Daisy’s Big Egg Hunt

Easter Day Book TPT Review:

SO HAPPY that I watched the video preview!!! this is just the neatest book and the kids will LOVE IT!. I will show my kids the preview video and then leave all the things they need (with a SUB). They will LOVE doing this project. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Kenna C.
Private Penny Puppet Book

Veteran’s Day/ Memorial Day Book TPT Review:

I used this activity to help reinforce our National symbols. It was perfect. Thank you

Jeanne C.

As you can see teachers and students are LOVING these Puppet Pocket Books! Be sure to check out the BUNDLE HERE and individual puppets below:

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