Fun and Easy to Assemble Pocket Puppet Books

Our 1st graders can’t get enough of these adorable, engaging Pocket Puppet Books.  They love coloring, cutting, gluing, and then reading them over and over using the puppet to tell the story!

The Pocket Puppet stays in the library pocket on the back of the front cover until it’s time to read. If these pockets are unavailable, a paper clip could be used. But trust me. There’s something about putting the little puppet in the pocket that the kids just get a kick out of.

Pocket Puppet stays safe in the library pocket on the back of the front cover until time to read. Then use the puppets to help tell their cute stories while teaching students about positional/directional words (above, over, under, behind, etc) and following directions!

Watch the videos below to see each puppet in action and grab your puppets HERE!

Santa Puppet

Thanksgiving Puppet

Halloween Puppet

Groundhog Puppet

Paddy Puppet

Easter Puppet

I’d love to hear what you think! 

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