A Special Reader of the Week FREEBIE!

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A Special Reader of the Week FREEBIE! 1

We’re halfway through the year and that means it’s time for Reader of the Week!

We start the year off with a getting to know you activity (Star of the Week) and THEN 2nd semester leads into this Reader of the Week. That way students have had a chance to shine as the “Star” and are ready to model as the “Reader of the Week.” 

A Special Reader of the Week FREEBIE! 2

Now if you’re not familiar with my Star of the Week program, I like to make it a big deal (Read all about it HERE). I also like to have them do all the jobs for the week so that way I’m not changing out jobs all the time. Brilliant, right? They love it. They are line leader, calendar leader, clip chart changer, go-fer, and whatever else I need.

So second semester I just continue with the routine of the jobs but change it to Reader of the week! Students select a favorite book at their reading level and for a week ahead of time, practice their fluency and holding their book up for the class to see. Directions on how I run the program are included, but they can certainly be modified to suit your classroom’s needs.

The week before, I send a letter home explaining the program and the expectations.

Bonus! The letter is also editable.

A Special Reader of the Week FREEBIE! 3

If you teach 1st grade, you know how easy (and how important) it is to make them feel special. That’s why I’ve also included a fun colorful Reader of the Week crown and an ink-saving black and white version that students can color. These can be worn on the day they read to the class. How fun and easy peasy is that?

A Special Reader of the Week FREEBIE! 4

Download the FREE Reader of the Week down below:

A Special Reader of the Week FREEBIE! 5

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