Thanksgiving Pilgrim Puppet Book That Students LOVE

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This Pilgrim Puppet Book is our all-time favorite Thanksgiving craft! 

Watch this video of my student reading her A Pilgrim Went Looking For a Turkey puppet book, and keep scrolling to see how easy it is to assemble.

My students LOVE puppet books and they are the perfect reading activity to teach about positional/directional words, geometric shapes, and following directions.

The pilgrim goes UP a mountain, THROUGH the grass, AROUND the lake, UNDER the trees, and BEHIND a bush to find his turkey friend!

Store the puppet in a library pocket (or make a pocket with the template that’s included) that is glued to the back of the book cover. Students love to read and reread their books using their puppets to tell the story. See how easy it is to assemble this booklet:

See what teachers like you are saying:

This was such a great activity! The kids loved putting it together and loved the finished book even more! I will definitely be doing this one again!

Emma C.

This is a great way to teach positional words with kindergarten kids. They loved putting the book together.

Angela See (TPT Seller)

I hope your students will love it as much as mine do! Grab your Pilgrim Puppet Book HERE

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