The Best Panda-Themed Decor and Organization for 1st Grade

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You may have noticed…We love pandas

So cute and chubby. They’re adorable! So we made this Panda-Themed Classroom Decor and now we’re asking ourselves, why didn’t we make this years ago? We love it.

So it’s at 500+ pages, and we keep thinking of cute things to add, so customers luck out! Once you buy, and we add more you will be able to download any and all additions for free!

We will also take suggestions, so feel free to make them. We can’t guarantee we will create them all, but we will certainly consider all reasonable requests!

So here is our Panda-Themed Decor…

  • Alphabet in print and cursive
  • Bunting in 3 colors to make your own banners
  • Calendar with numbers in 3 colors to make different patterns each month, month headers, special days, Days of School posters in 3 choices, days of the week headers, years to 2025
  • Number subitizing posters to 20 (number word, number, tallies, and ten frames)
  • Bulletin board borders in black, green, orange and green striped (See border example below)
  • Passes
  • Clock minutes
  • 3 large pandas for the bulletin board
Passes (editable)
Schedule (editable)
Behavior Clip Chart
Storage Labels (editable)
Bookmarks (editable to include student names)
  • Clip Chart
  • Nameplates and cards 3 styles and shapes EDITABLE in PowerPoint
  • NEW! Nameplates in print and cursive EDITABLE in PDF format. Just type class list OR other classroom label names and name tags auto-fill!
  • Schedule cards EDITABLE
Just type names!
They auto-fill!
  • Schedule clocks in analog and digital to write in scheduled times
  • Storage/Supply Labels EDITABLE
  • Color Words Posters
  • Days of the Week Poster
  • and more!

Check out the full preview and get your Panda-Themed Classroom Decor here on TPT!

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