What Will Students Remember After A Challenging Year?

This school year has certainly been one to remember. And with lots of challenges, it’s hard to keep our students feeling positive so…

what will our students remember most?

Since the last year of distance learning and/or social distancing are sure to be front and center in their minds, our students may need a nudge to remember the good times when your class:

  • had recess
  • had assemblies
  • listened to read-alouds
  • went to P.E.
  • went on a field trip
  • presented show and tell
  • performed in a program
  • had a party
  • dressed up for Halloween
  • ate lunch together
  • laughed at a great joke
  • presented class projects
  • learned how to read
  • enjoyed your silliness

Gather them together and brainstorm recollections from the year and talk about what,

Made them laugh?

Were their achievements?

Were some great learning moments?

Help them remember it all from the year, including the joys they may have forgotten from the first 3 quarters of school with a Memory Book!

Here are just a few pages from our K-2 Memory Book:

Keep in mind, just like you, your students are stressed with handling the end of the year. Not for the same reasons though. Many of them have thrived by having you guide them daily with a structured schedule. They knew you would be there every day for them! They knew they could count on having guided reading, writing, and lunch at the same time every day because that structure was important.

Most of your students will handle the summer transition easily. But what about those who will struggle with the abrupt lack of structure and the sadness of missing you?

You may want to:

  • write a personal note at the end of each student’s Memory Book
  • include a picture of you with each student 
  • keep in touch with an occasional email
  • send a postcard from a summer trip that you take
  • arrange a quick summer Zoom check-in and read-aloud! 
  • or whatever feels most comfortable for you!

And…what will your students remember most about YOU?

The last few things you say and do at the end of this year may become foremost in your students’ minds. Leave them with a positive lasting impression. Take a deep breath and think about your actions and words for that last day.

Here’s a quick video to see all the pages from your book!

Just choose the pages you want your students to complete or send them the whole pack and let parents and students choose!

Need a Memory Book for 3rd grade? My friend Nicole from The Craft of Teaching has a print AND a digital option for a memory book:

Third Grade Memory Book End of Year Reflections

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Have a great rest of the school year.

Thanks for stopping by!

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