Positive Reward – Happy Go Home Notes!

Positive Reward - Happy Go Home Notes! 1

Students and parents love receiving Happy Go Home Notes when students make great choices during the day!

Positive Reward - Happy Go Home Notes! 2

We all know how important it is to build relationships and communicate with our students’ parents. And sending home happy notes about positive behavior is a great way to do that! When a student is having an outstanding day, fill out one of these pages to reward their positive behavior!

Looking for more ways to communicate with parents effectively? Read about 15 of my favorite ways to “win” parents over!

These rewards may be simple, but are quite effective and are a staple in my first grade classroom! Grab the Happy Go Home Notes individually, but also find them in my best-selling 102-page Behavior Management Supplement Pack!

NEWLY ADDED: Spanish and Canadian Versions Included!

See what some elementary teachers are saying about these notes:

I loved being able to send positive notes home! Parents appreciated the communication for things that were positive! Kids were so proud to take these notes home!

Cynthia J.

My kids are SO motivated by these. They love getting these sent home and the parents really love getting positive notes about their kids.

Amanda D.

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