Vocabulary Every Day!

Most of us agree that daily vocabulary instruction is vital to developing reading comprehension and important for overall academic success.

  • Vocabulary should be taught daily through direct instruction.
  • Vocabulary from the week should be reinforced in various forms daily.
  • When students use vocabulary in their writing or oral language, they are demonstrating a solid understanding of the meaning of the words taught.

I created a Vocabulary Notebook that does all of the above and more. It is perfect to be used as a MUST DO activity each day. Read more about it HERE.

You get to choose between 2 covers:


You get to choose among 7 page designs that vary in difficulty for different grade levels. Or, you could have simpler forms for the beginning of the year and change it up later in the year.

I love to give “brownie points” to students when they use vocabulary words correctly throughout the year, or they point out words in different texts or mention that they heard it used somewhere else.

I make a BIG deal about it.

Brownie points in my class are just that. Kudos, congrats, awesome job, etc.

They don’t get a prize or anything. In fact, they LOVE getting brownie points and


They use the words in their writing.

They use the words in their own oral language.

They LOOK for the words in other text.

That’s what we want, right?

So I made a “Vocabulary Brownie Points” page to include at the end of the Vocabulary Notebook. Actually, I make several copies at the end of the notebook and students fill in words as they are learned. They make tallies (brownie points) as the words are used or found elsewhere.

Get a FREEBIE copy HERE.

Get your Vocabulary Brownie Points sheet HERE.

Get your tried and true Vocabulary Notebook HERE.

Just Added:

ABC pages for students to record vocabulary terms!

Now Available:

K-1 Version of My Own Dictionary!

A more basic design for your younger students.

Let me know what your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

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