Math Picture Puzzles ~ FREEBIE Included!

Our students LOVE these math puzzles for centers, interventions, guided math and even whole group! They put one puzzle together and move on to the next. 

Print on heavy paper, laminate and cut apart. Easy Peasy!

These long pencil baskets are a perfect size for these puzzles at centers! Here is an Amazon link, but I bought 3 for less than $1 at WalMart.

You won’t get puzzle pieces mixed up with other puzzles with a picture of the puzzle in the upper right corner of each puzzle piece. Organization and clean up is a breeze!

The BUNDLE includes Subitizing, Addition and Subtraction as well as Missing Number skills. But they can also be purchased separately:

Subitizing Math Picture Puzzles

Addition and Subtraction Math Picture Puzzles

Missing Number Math Picture Puzzles

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of these packs is the DIY Puzzle. Students get to create their own picture on one side and their own math problems on the other. They cut them apart and trade with a friend. I select some of their puzzles and they love it when theirs becomes part of a center! They soon learn the importance of accuracy with their math problems and spending time making a quality picture that fills the whole page.

 These black and white versions can be used with the DIY puzzles or instead of the color versions for the regular puzzles to save on ink. Print on colored heavy duty paper or have a student color them!

 Get the BUNDLE or check out the links below each picture:

Subitizing Math Picture Puzzle Centers for K-2
Addition and Subtraction Math Picture Puzzle Centers for K-2
Missing Number Math Picture Puzzle Centers for K-2

Get your FREE sample HERE.

Let me know what you think!

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