The Best Content-Rich Summer Review Packet + Sampler!

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I couldn’t wait to share with you our 1st Grade Summer Review Workbook!

While we continue to learn and grow at the end of the year, we fear the dreaded summer slide for our students. And the summer slide is very real, but preventable if we provide our students with the right tools for the summer months. Because,

So I created this 1st Grade Summer Review Book with my own 1st graders in mind. We work so very hard over the school year on essential reading, language, writing and math skills that I felt,

If your school is like mine, the first week back to school is spent testing in reading, writing, and math. Yikes! I want those babies of mine to retain those skills we worked so hard to achieve and I want them to shine on the first day back. Imagine how proud and confident they will be when those skills are fresh in their minds.

So, with that in mind, I created a content-rich, NO FLUFF, Common Core-aligned summer activities book. Many summer books out there have much less content and lots more fluff. I made it so content-rich, that it is a perfect supplement to any summer school program for 1st graders entering 2nd grade!

This book has a 2-day literacy and math routine with essential skill review in mind.

See what teachers like you are saying:

“This is great. This gives the students something to stay focused on during the summer. I also add an incentive for those who return it in the fall.”  

~ 4 The Love of Teaching

“This was so helpful! Print and go! My students liked it and I received positive feedback from my parents! Thanks!”  
~Mary D.

Each day, students complete a page of literacy activities and a page of math activities.

This part of their daily routine should be about 10-30 minutes, depending on their skill levels and/or parent support during activity completion. Some literacy activities require reading words and/or sounds repeatedly to an adult. These are the daily drills.

It is recommended that parents are there to support them during the completion of all activities as well as for checking answers upon completion. Answers are included in the back of the book.

The Answer Key is included!

Every 10th day is MATH GAME DAY!

There are 5 engaging math games included in the activities book for students to play again and again. These games review number sense, number order, addition, subtraction, coins, and more! All they need is dice and something for game pieces.

Here are 2 math game examples below:

Another key element to this summer review activity book is the reading and math logs. Students set a daily reading goal (like reading for 20 minutes) and a daily math goal (like 5 minutes of flashcards). They keep track on these logs. When they reach the sun, parents can choose to give a small reward of their choice (tablet time, game time, etc.).

All year long, students are told what to read. Summer is a great time for our young readers to explore and discover their favorite authors, series, and genres to read. They may need some direction, but let them choose their own books over the summer months to fully enjoy and comprehend what they read. I also created 4 FREE and adorable peek-a-boo bookmarks that students love and it encourages them to want to read during the summer!

Grab 4 FREE bookmarks here!

This part of the daily routine should be about 25-35 minutes depending on the individual goals set. 

Total time involved each day for completion of all suggested activities: approximately 35-65 minutes. In the fall, reward those students who show you their completed activity books with a prize and a certificate! Get the backing from your PTO to help with funding rewards for students!

On the last day of school this year, I won’t have the summer slide worry for my students that I have had in the past. This year will be different. Each of my first graders will leave with a bound copy of this content-rich summer activity book, 1st Grade Summer Review Book. I know if they work on it with fidelity, they will be prepared for 2nd grade.

Want a close look at how meaty one day of the pack is? Grab the freebie down below!

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