A Beautiful Poinsettia Christmas Craft

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This precious Poinsettia Christmas Craft was hand-drawn by one of our 1st-grade teacher’s moms decades ago!

And has been a 1st-grade favorite ever since!

It is so simple to make, preschoolers can make the craft, but 3rd graders love it just as much! 

Students will:

  1. Color each leaf and petal with crayons before cutting and gluing to give it that soft look of the plant.
  2. Then glue those pieces together to create the Poinsettia flower.
  3. Finish up by having students punch out yellow dots with a hole puncher and glue them to the center of the flower!
  4. Now you have a beautiful poinsettia flower to decorate your classroom with!

It just takes a matter of 30 minutes to make this Christmas craft and you can have a beautiful display for your bulletin board! Create the best holiday bulletin board this year and compliment your poinsettias with these Santa Advent Calendars.

Already have a bulletin board ready for the holidays? Decorate around your doorway for a dramatic entry! Just wait until you hear everyone walk by and tell you how beautiful your doorway/room looks 🙂

Get your Poinsettia Christmas Craft HERE!

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