Personalized Bookmarks Great for the End of the Year!

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Personalized bookmarks with student names are great to give as gifts, and they are easy to edit with a fillable PDF. Bookmarks are perfect for the end of the school year to encourage summer reading. Just tuck these “peeker” bookmarks inside a book they will enjoy and send them on their way! Students love how these bookmarks “peek” out of a book!

They can also be made quickly at the beginning of the year for students to treasure and use all year long! Just type up to 15 girls’ names and 15 boys’ names into the fillable pdf. Watch as the names auto-fill onto the bookmarks, ready for you to print and have your students color!

How to Make Your Personalized Bookmarks PDF:

  • First, you need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Download it HERE.
  • Then you just save the PDF to a file on your computer. It won’t work properly in your browser window.
  • After that, find the file you saved, right-click on it, and select open with Adobe.

Then you are ready to type students’ names into the Class List page! Be sure to write each name with an apostrophe s (example: Anna’s). There are columns for girls’ names and boys’ names.

Simply type in student names! Up to 15 girls’ names and 15 boys’ names can be entered. Names up to 11 characters long can be used!

See the Personalized Bookmarks in our store here!

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