10 Simple On-the-Go Halloween Math Games + FREEBIE!

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These Halloween math games are perfect for 1st and 2nd grade to play all month long in October!

Don’t forget to download the FREE Roll and Cover game at the end of this post.

Just print each Halloween math game on cardstock, slip them into a plastic sleeve and insert the dice and other play pieces then start playing! They really are so easy to clean up for math centers and are great for building essential math skills while having fun. Find lots of different games to choose from to keep students engaged and wanting to play over and over again!

See all the skills covered in these Halloween math games, like:

  • counting
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • writing equations
  • fact families
  • part-part-whole
  • doubles
  • number grid puzzles
  • even and odd
  • and more!

Get these math games HERE!

Want to try a sample game from this bundle? Grab our FREE Halloween Roll and Cover Game down below:

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