My Students LOVE This Flashlight Fridays Reading Activity!

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Wow, did we have fun last Flashlight Friday!

I’m not sure who was more excited, the kids or me!!

Now Flashlight Friday is not an original idea. I saw it on this blog that is dated back to 2013: Head Over Heels For Teaching and just had to try it. What a great way to motivate our students to read. But instead of using full-size flashlights, we used Finger Lights that I bought on Amazon.


There are 100 in the package with 4 different colors, so our team of 4 teachers each got 25 of these little flashlight beauties, each class with a different color. I looked at other brands, but this one had the best ratings. So far so good…

We start Flashlight Friday off going over just a few rules, and then our first graders settled down for a good 15 minutes to partner read and independently read. (I figure if we go longer, the novelty will wear off too fast, so I’m sticking to a short time once a week.) They just strapped their little lights on their fingers and away they went. And they were reading! 

Let’s see how well it goes for the next few weeks! If you try it out, come back and leave a comment sharing your experience and ideas!

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