FLIP Book Fun For Plant And Animal Life Cycles

Use engaging and interactive books to teach about plant and animal life cycles! FLIP Books are incredibly popular, and no wonder! They are fun to color, cut, glue, and assemble, AND the finished product is a book filled with great information that supplements just about any unit.

These informative plant and animal life cycle flip books are a great supplement to your current lessons, or they can be used as stand-alone lessons. Make your Life Cycle FLIP Books come alive by adding art, writing, and by watching life cycles in action. See how fun our butterfly unit turned out!

There are 9 Interactive Life Cycle FLIP Books to choose from (one is FREE to try out!).

Each flap in the book highlights a part of the plant or animal’s life cycle. To assemble, students color, cut, glue, and staple their books together. Once they have assembled one flip book, most students can then complete another on their own!

Your students will read and re-read their FLIP Books independently and then with a partner. Students can then take their books home and read them aloud to their parents! Students are building reading fluency all while learning about life cycles!

Check them all out right here!

Or just get all 9 Life Cycle Interactive FLIP Books in a discounted bundle! Use them all year long to supplement your existing science curriculum. Your students will also improve their reading fluency! They will keep and treasure them all.

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