What’s On My Plate? FREE FLIP Book

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What's On My Plate? FREE FLIP Book 1

This What’s on My Plate FLIP Book is just one example of my many Science FLIP Books!

It explains the My Plate healthy, a balanced eating plan that the US Government has issued to replace the Food Pyramid plan. I wanted you to get a chance to try out one of my popular science FLIP books with your students. I know you will love it!

What's On My Plate? FREE FLIP Book 2

The My Plate booklet is super fun and easy to assemble! Students will color, cut, and paste together while learning about the important food groups including dairy, protein, fruits, vegetables, and grains.

See what teachers like you are saying:

This FLIP book was so easy to put together and my students enjoyed all of it. They enjoyed coloring and gluing the food group pages in. This was the perfect piece to each day of this unit as the kids really retained more information. Amplify Core Knowledge unit on the human body and nutrition! Thanks so much for creating it!

Mary H.

Huge hit! It became part of my sub plans, and it was easy enough for the sub and kids to complete.

Ponte las Pilas

Grab this My Plate FLIP Book down below:

What's On My Plate? FREE FLIP Book 3

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