Fire Safety with Firefighter Jenna

I’m so stinkin’ proud of my niece, Jenna!

She’s a firefighter in Fort Collins, CO and worked closely with me to create this very thorough and accurate Fire Safety Book and Activities Pack.  Every year for 5 years, Jenna visited my class to teach my students about fire safety. She’s such an inspiration and so effective at reaching our students!

You might not be able to have Firefighter Jenna visit your classroom, but you can certainly give a copy of the book, Firefighter Jenna to each of your students! The students in your class will learn about fire safety as well as what the day in the life of a firefighter is like.

With the Pack, You get:

  • Firefighter Jenna Keeps Us Safe book in color

  • Firefighter Jenna Keeps Us Safe book in black and white

  • Firefighter Jenna Keeps Us Safe book in black and white and with lines for keywords to fill in.

  • Fire Safety word wall

  • Fire Safety student activities pages

fire safety printables

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