Individualize Your Sight Word Instruction!

Not every student needs to learn the same list of sight words each week.  And it’s actually easier than you may think to individualize students’ sight word mastery!

First, you need to assess your students. I suggest you do this at least once a quarter or more often if you can. This way you can keep track of what words your students already know and which ones they need to work on.

I have a FREE set of FRY testing sheets for you to download! I also have a set of DOLCH testing sheets too! Just check off the words as your students read them (fluently without sounding out and within 3 seconds).

**Send home a copy each quarter so parents know what words their child still needs to practice. Plus, you can give each student a copy in a plastic sleeve to keep at their seats so they are responsible for their own progress. Have them refer to their list often during centers and have partners point to and test them on the words they need to know!

Grab the FREE forms by clicking the pictures below. But don’t miss the best part below! You and your students will LOVE the next activity!!

Want to make testing a breeze? Use a tablet or laptop and have students click through the words on a PowerPoint while you check off the words they know using this Easy Peasy:

FRY Digital Center and Test or

DOLCH Digital Center and Test!

(You can also use on most devices during guided reading, centers, and for testing. Set the PowerPoint to 2 seconds per slide and set it to automatically run for a whole class warm-up.)

Now THIS next activity is definitely a student favorite and my favorite way to individualize sight word learning…

Motivate your students to learn their sight words at their own pace by having them travel through the Solar System!

Hang a ring of 10 Fry words under each part of the Solar System. They practice those 10 Fry sight words and get tested by you when they are ready. If they read all 10 words fluently without sounding out, they get a sticker for their chart and they move on to the next part of the Solar System!

They will beg to be tested!

See this activity plus so much MORE here in these Fry Flash Cards and Activities Packs!

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Let me know what you think in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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