FREE Winter Math Games for 1st grade!

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Looking for easy math games for the winter months?

This snowman race dice game is perfect for holiday math centers! Just grab a pair of dice, 2 game pieces, a set of partners, and this Snowman Race game board! Partners will take turns rolling 2 dice. Add those two numbers and move ahead to that many spaces. Land on a snowman, move ahead 10 spaces. Land on a snowstorm, move back 5 spaces. Such a great way to sneak in some addition and subtraction while having fun this winter!

The first player that lands on 120 wins!

Grab this Snowman Race Game down below:

Here’s another FREE Math activity:

This Snowman Fraction Book is from another part of my Winter FUN Pack and is also available separately. You can add simple fractions (1/2, 1/4, etc.) or more challenging fractions (5/6, 4/8, etc.). You choose the pages to add depending on your students’ level!

Students will color in their snowman’s belly with the color in the directions. Great for a quick math center activity or send home during the winter break!

Grab the Snowman Fraction Book here:

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