Writing Simple, Silly Holiday Sentences

Teaching simple sentence writing skills doesn’t have to be boring. First graders LOVE to write silly sentences. And their giggles are priceless when they spin this holiday sentence:

Santa hugged Grandpa between sneezes, on the roof.

They don’t even realize that they are learning about subjects, predicates, and clauses in sentences! It’s simple to differentiate with this Spin a Silly Holiday Sentence activity! For beginning writers, use subject and predicate spinners to create simple sentences.

Once students are more proficient with their writing skills, clause spinners can be added to make more interesting, complicated sentences.

Students needing more of a challenge when writing sentences can mix it up a bit by putting the clause first in the sentence:

On the roof, Santa hugged Grandpa between sneezes.

Include are:

  • 9 WHO/WHAT Subject Spinners 
  • 9 DID WHAT Predicate Spinners
  • 9 WHEN Clause Spinners
  • 9 WHERE Clause Spinners

Laminate, cut, and either attach spinners to the cards or use a pencil/paperclip spinner!

Check out our Spin a Silly Holiday Sentence here!

See also our original Spin a Silly Sentence to use all year long!

Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by!

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