Make a FREE Turkey Centerpiece Craft for Thanksgiving!

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Who doesn’t love a FREE cute turkey centerpiece craft?

This Thanksgiving centerpiece is more than just that, it’s also a simple AND delicious casserole with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. Here are all the fun things you can do with this craft…

Give it as a gift
Make it your Thanksgiving centerpiece
Use it as a recipe
Most of all…it’s Adorable and FREE!

It’s so simple to make and students LOVE coloring and putting their turkey pieces together.

Here’s what you need for your Turkey Centerpiece Craft:

1. Instant Rice 2. Lunch Bags 3. Ziplock Bags (sandwich) 4. Turkey cut-out

This is how you make your FREE Turkey Centerpiece Craft:

The First Step is to color the turkey’s body, feet, and legs!

The second step is to cut out the turkey’s body + legs ( accordion fold these)

The third step is to glue all the parts to the front of the paper bag and add a closed up sandwich-size Ziplock bag with 2 cups of instant rice into the paper sack.

The final step is to fold and staple the top of the bag and put your name on the back of the Turkey Centerpiece Craft and send it home!

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of students leave school for Thanksgiving break proudly carrying their completed turkey centerpieces home to share with their guardians. When they return after break, they are full of excitement, telling the class who they gave the centerpiece to and how the recipe turned out the day after Thanksgiving.

priceless ❤️

Grab your FREE craft down below:

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