Super Easy and Editable Halloween Spelling Activity FREEBIE

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How cool is this Editable Halloween Spelling Activity?!

Just enter any 10 words into the first page of this Halloween spelling activity and the next page auto-fills with a Pumpkin Code Spelling Activity Sheet ready to print for your students to solve! This is great for spelling, sight words, vocabulary and perfect for centers! 

The best part? It’s super easy to use over and over again!

See what teachers like you are saying about this Halloween spelling activity:

My students loved this challenge! They had so much fun solving the codes. I love that it can be used over and over again by putting in different lists of words. I used sight words and number words.

Natalie Kincaid (TPT Seller)

I am so excited about how easy this resource is to use. I used it for Fall Words this week and I am going to use it for spelling the rest of the month. Thank you!

Kassie Smith (TPT Seller)

Make sure you download and save it to your computer then open it with Adobe and then start typing!

If you like magically creating spelling activity sheets like this one, you will LOVE this product (down below)! There are 6 different solve-the-code spelling activities and some FREEBIE solve-the-code activities ready for you to enter 10 words, print the page(s) you need, and get your students to solve the puzzles!….. Just like that!

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Have a happy Halloween, thanks for stopping by!

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