Favorite Graphing Through The Year with Sampler

Your 1st and 2nd graders will be engaged and LOVE collecting data, recording it on the graph, and interpreting their data with these Graphing Through The Year Activities!

Be sure to grab the FREEBIE sample below!

These activities follow the seasons while students will practice a variety of instructional strategies which include:

  • counting
  • coloring
  • rolling the die
  • spinning a pencil and paper clip
  • recording data with tallies
  • recording data and interpreting their data
  • basic pictograph
  • adding
  • subtracting
  • comparing
  • and more!

Modified versions are also included for those who use the spellings: favourite and colour!

I love to use these activities for math centers, small group instruction, and whole group math lessons.

Easily print on heavy cardstock and slip them into plastic sleeves with the dice and paper clips to use them over and over again! With the dice and spin activities, data will be different each time.

See what other teachers like you are saying:

I used this as morning work starting with the 2nd or 3rd week of school; because of that, I was able to cut the graphing unit in half when we finally got there.

Piedmont Academy (Tpt Seller)

This was a perfect way to introduce and engage students in data representation and analysis. The types of questions that were graphed were accessible for all students and it was easily transferable to online learning when we have been put into snap lockdowns too.

Mrs Lindsay’s Learners

Grab your FREE sample below:

*Newly Added Packet*

This bundle above was loved by many teachers and we wanted to make more activities that practiced different skills! So we’ve added a new graphing pack called Anytime graphing!

This pack is similar to the Graphing Through The Year Activities but has a greater variety of graphs, including:

  • basic pictographs
  • pie charts
  • bar graphing
  • tallies
  • counting
  • sorting
  • adding
  • subtracting
  • comparing
  • and MORE!

A blank create your own is included that you can use over and over!

Make sure to check out the preview of Anytime Graphing to download a free copy from this product in the preview of the product page!

Check out some examples below:

Bar Graphing
Picture Graph
Collecting Data Bar Graph
Pie Chart

Save $$ and get both in the bundle here!

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