Flip Over Word Family FLIP Books!

We primary teachers are constantly searching for engaging literacy centers. The struggle is real.

How would you like to be able to pull out a one-page, engaging, simple yet meaningful phonics center each week?

And how would you like it to be something you can use as a routine all year? 

Once your students have made one with your guidance, they will easily be able to make the next one on their own at a center.

Each Phonics Word Family FLIP Books set has between 15 and 25 different books with CVC and CCVC choices, so differentiation is simple! 

First students cut on the black lines (dotted lines are for folding).

Then students assemble and staple on the left side of the book.

Students color the vowels so those letters stand out (and their eyes are drawn to what is making the vowel sound when they read the words). Then they circle whether the word is real or not real.

Watch the short video below to see how simple it is to assemble a Word Family FLIP Book:

Easy Peasy! Students are then ready to read and reread the books either alone or with another reader to solidify those word family words!

Check them out here:

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