The Best Digital Tool When Testing Sight Words Remotely

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The Best Digital Tool When Testing Sight Words Remotely 1

Most primary teachers do some form of quarterly sight word testing and it can be a daunting task when you have 25+ students to individually test, along with all the other quarterly testing that needs to be done. Whether you are teaching in person or remotely, you can test your students’ sight word fluency quickly and easily, with this digital tool that tests sight words remotely!

Use this video above for a sample of the digital sight word review that students can use at home or at school during whole group, small guided reading group, or during reading centers to practice Fry Sight Words 1-25! Read each sight word within 3 seconds and then read the next word.

Send home a FREE set of Fry Word Lists or FREE set of Dolch Word Lists (via Google Classroom, email, or another secure site). All 1,000 Fry words and all 220 Dolch words are included. However, you can send just the pages your students need by selecting PRINT, selecting PDF, and selecting the pages you want to save to your computer. They can study, make flashcards, have parents quiz them, and then be ready for you to assess them.

When it comes to testing, teachers have found these to be super helpful: Fry Sight Word Digital Center and Test and Dolch Sight Word Digital Center and Test. The words are in the same order as the test forms above. All you need to do is display the PowerPoint slides for students to see at home or in person. As they read the words, check them off on a test copy for each student.

Don’t need all 1,000 Fry Words? Check out these products:

The Best Digital Tool When Testing Sight Words Remotely 6

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